AltillyPass Membership

AltillyPass is a verification and membership program all rolled into one.

The benefits of AltillyPass:

  • Verified member status. Fast and secure verification process
  • Increase your daily limits to $50,000 USD equivalent or more
  • Ability to make FIAT transactions (Credit Card & Wire Transfer) when available
  • Access to the live "ChatBox"
  • Ability to vote on future coin listings
  • Access to Altilly Staff community events (such as airdrops, certain trading competitions and verified Qredit delegate voting boosts)
  • Access to airdrops or increased airdrop value from developers of other tokens/coins (As decided by the dev team of the project)
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    When AltillyPass goes live, in your dashboard on Altilly Exchange you will be able to start the verification process or KYC (Know Your Customer). It will be enforced through well known KYC provider, Token of Trust.

    You can learn more about Token of Trust on this link:

    After you pass the verification by uploading your documents you will be granted a "Verified Member" status and AltillyPass will become active on our account.

    Note: Other methods are available to those who are unable to use the Token of Trust system.


    Activation of AltillyPass on your account will cost an equivalent of $10. It is a one-time fee, once you're signed up and verified your status will not expire as long as your account on Altilly stays open. It can be paid for with XQR (Qredit), BTC (Bitcoin) or ETH (Ethereum). You need to hold XQR, BTC or ETH in your exchange wallet to start the verification process.


    After the AltillyPass goes live, Altilly Exchange will start enforcing a daily withdrawal limit equivalent to $5000 USD for unverified members. One of the benefits of being AltillyPass holder is having higher withdrawal limit ($50k daily equivalent, higher limits can be requested).

    The Chatbox feature of the Altilly Exchange will be available only to verified members.

    Verified member status shows that you have confirmed your identity. It will be helpful in resolving your tickets and confirming account information faster and with higher accuracy.

    AltillyPass holders will be able to vote on selection of new coins that they think deserves to get listed on the exchange in the future.

    AltillyPass holders will have access to members only events such as special trading competitions, no-fee trading days and verified Qredit delegates will be eligible for voting boosts by Qredit team (only once per delegate, multiple delegate run by same person will not count)

    Altilly Exchange will introduce a feature where token developers, upon creating an airdrop for the community, will be able to select to only do so for AltillyPass holders. That way developers are sure that accounts receiving their coin/token are the real people that actively use the exchange.

    There will be more features and benefits planned for AltillyPass holders and they will always be announced appropriately on Altilly Exchange social channels.

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