XQR Faucet (Qredit)

  • Faucets are not guaranteed to be online all the time, we provide the service as-is. All transactions are on-chain.
  • You will need to make at least 1 trade in any market in the last 48 hours to participate in the faucet.
  • The more support altilly receives in the form of trade activity, the more support altilly can give in the form of faucets.
  • The drip period and drip amount will change from time to time, depending on the value of the coin.

Welcome to the XQR Faucet! Get Free Coins!

Make sure you have a deposit address generated if you would like the address field to be automatically filled with your altilly.com deposit address.

You can generate a deposit address here: Deposit XQR

You may take 1 XQR from the faucet every 90 minutes!

Enter Your XQR Address:

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Currently the XQR faucet has a balance of: 16576.67 XQR

Do you want to contribute to this faucet and help keep it going?

Here is the faucet donation address: QafNhdXagMxTFoCrcHRtTrZfyYeoui9XC8

Asset Information

Asset Name: Qredit
Trade Ticker: XQR
Social Contacts: Twitter   Telegram   Reddit   Medium   Slack  
Circulation: 754,756,870 XQR
Market Cap: $320,466 USD
Website: https://qredit.io
Explorer: https://xqr-exp.geops.net/
Sourcecode: https://github.com/qredit
Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5030061.0
Algorithm: DPOS
Avg Price USD: 0.00042
Avg Price BTC: 0.0000000446 BTC
Avg Price ETH: 0.00000179 ETH
Avg Price LTC: 0.00000924 LTC