Refund Process

About the Refund Process

We have divided the refunds into 4 categories.

  • Distribution by team
  • Saved assets
  • Partly saved assets
  • Lost assets

  • Since we lost access to our database, we can not see which assets belong to who.
    The refund form is available here on our website and should be used by anyone that had assets at Altilly at the time of the attack on Altilly.
    That includes users that have their assets saved.

    We are in the second stage of our audit. Forms are closed and data has been collected.
    We are now sorting and filtering all data collected.
    From this point we will start the refunds of the saved assets in alphabetical order.
    Please follow the assets page for updates.
    This process has already started for several assets. We will repay all assets as quickly as possible.
    Each user will be contacted individually for their deposit address.
    Please be aware, we had over 85.000 users on Altilly.
    This may take a while.
    Unfortunately we are receiving inhumane threats against our team members and their families.
    Including people that have worked for us as volunteers or as a side job in the past.
    We had people accessing and vandalizing our property on the 3th of January.
    The amount of refund forms with false information has also increased over the last few days and more people that didn’t have an account at Altilly at all are now abusing the system.
    While we only have 3 full time team members, we are doing our best to speed up the refund process.
    Yes. At Altilly, we did our best to block users from sanctioned countries.
    Users that accessed our services using VPN or any other methods to avoid these country restrictions will not receive a refund.
    We expect you to fill in the form with full honesty.
    Each form will be reviewed individually by our team.
    Any user that fills in obvious false information will be denied from the refund process.
    Some assets were migrating at the time of the hack and many assets had 2 wallets.
    Partly saved means that only one of these wallets have been saved.
    Saved assets will be returned in the same amount at time of the hack.
    Example: If you had 100 TKS tokens, you will receive 100 TKS tokens.

    Lost assets will be returned in the value of when the attack occured. (26th of December 2021 - 22:45 CET)
    Example: If you had 1 BTC valued at $26.000, you will receive x amount of BTC valued at $26.000